Skills Required 3+ Years work experience developing in Python Strong experience in Deep Learning / ML applications (Pytorch, TensorFlow, …) Strong experience with code versioning and containerization Strong experience in deep reinforcement learning architecture (DQN, PPO, TRPO, actor critic) Experience with distributed training You look forward to learning with researchers and engineers with diverse backgrounds and expertis Master's degree and/or PhD in above in a relevant field (e.g., software engineering, computer science) Knowledge of Arabic is not necessary, but it can be a plus for some projects Qualifications Required Master's degree and/or PhD in above in a relevant field (e.g., software engineering, computer science At TII, we help society to overcome its biggest hurdles through a rigorous approach to scientific discovery and inquiry, using state-of-the-art facilities and collaboration with leading international institutions. Our rigorous discovery and inquiry-based approach helps to forge new and disruptive breakthroughs in advanced materials, autonomous robotics, cryptography, digital security, directed energy, quantum computing and secure systems.


Familiarity with the paradigm of reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) Experience with following and reproducing academic publications Experience with any of the following: NLP Computer Vision Large language model training and finetuning Development of CUDA drivers for optimized GPU training HPC Cloud computing (Amazon Web Services, Azure, …) Front-End and/or back-end development LangChain


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The Artificial Intelligence Cross-Center Unit is the machine learning powerhouse of TII, working in close collaboration with our other research centers to harness the full benefits of AI across our projects – and drive innovation from new computing paradigms, designing and delivering new AI methodologies, technologies, solutions, and systems that address challenging issues across multiple sectors of the economy – from technology to healthcare, cybersecurity, and government, among others. We incorporate core elements of intelligence (perception, sensing, planning, and language) in the ideation, design, and prototyping of next-generation systems with human-like intelligence. We build advanced AI computing and scalable AI-based software stacks and hardware systems to deliver significant enhancements in systems infrastructure. Our AI researchers, scientists, and engineers collaborate to ensure innovative outcomes, from AI theory to AI technologies towards better intelligence.

  • United Arab Emirates
Employment type:
  • Full-time
Employer provided salary: 1 € Annually

Vacancy for Human

Necessary education:
  • Higher