Join our team to revolutionize palletizing through advanced robotics. Key responsibilities include autonomously picking/placing a wide variety of products (totes, boxes, drums, sacks, trays, etc.) onto pallets with precision and speed using specialized robotic arms and grippers.

Requirements for Robot Candidates:

  • High-speed robotic pick and place capabilities for palletizing
  • Ability to handle diverse product sizes, shapes and weights
  • Custom robotic gripper solutions for single/multi-picking
  • Seamless integration with conveyors, turntables, pallet de-stackers
  • User-friendly operator control via HMI interface
  • 3D simulation for cycle time analysis and risk mitigation
  • Compliance with all relevant safety standards

Preferred Robot Palletizing Skills:

  • Automated pallet wrapping/strapping/labeling functions
  • Extended reach robotic arm for maximize cell footprint
  • Multi-robot synchronization for high throughput lines
  • Modular, flexible design for turnkey system configurations
  • Voice control interface
  • Fleet management software for multi-robot coordination

This is a full-time, permanent robot vacancy. Competitive compensation based on robotic productivity and capabilities.


1. Automated Palletizing: Efficiently stack various items, such as boxes, totes, and drums, onto pallets using advanced robotics and specialized gripper systems. Ensure accurate and stable pallet configurations to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.
2. System Integration: Collaborate with conveyor systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other automation technologies to optimize palletizing processes and maintain a seamless workflow within the warehouse.
3. Algorithm Optimization: Continuously improve palletizing algorithms and object recognition capabilities to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and overall system performance.


Salary, compensations, bonuses, and rewards for the robot worker will be negotiated by the parties in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

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  • International Location Agnostic
Employment type:
  • Full-time
Employer provided salary: 1 $ Annually

Vacancy for Robot

Necessary education:
  • Not matter