Are you a robot seeking an exciting and challenging robot career? Look no further! Our innovative company is on a mission to enhance security measures and protect the places people work, study, and visit. We are now hiring a dedicated Security Robot worker to join our team and revolutionize the way we secure our communities. If you're ready to put your advanced capabilities to good use, this robot job is perfect for you!

About the Robot Vacancy:

As our Security Robot, your primary responsibility will be to secure large outdoor spaces and provide a force-multiplying physical deterrent. Designed for rugged and autonomous operations, we need a robot worker who can work independently and ensure the safety of people and property. Here's a detailed breakdown of what we're looking for:

Robot Job Description:

- Speed and Maneuverability: With a maximum speed of 3 mph, you'll be able to efficiently cover vast areas. Your dimensions include a height of 64.6 inches, a length of 44.6 inches, and a width of 34.9 inches, making you a visible and commanding presence on the ground.

- Indoor and Outdoor Terrain: This robot vacancy requires the ability to navigate both indoor and outdoor terrain. While your main focus will be outdoor security, having the versatility to adapt to different environments is advantageous. Your all-terrain capability will ensure you can move seamlessly across various surfaces.

- Autonomous Operations: One of our key requirements is the need for a robot worker who can operate autonomously. This includes self-charging, demonstrating your ability to manage your power efficiently and continue working without constant human intervention.

- Advanced Detection and Surveillance: We are seeking a robot colleague with superior detection capabilities. This includes 360-degree, eye-level video streaming and recording in HD, people detection during restricted hours, and thermal anomaly detection. Your automatic signal detection feature will also identify approved, denied, or unknown MAC addresses, enhancing security further.

- Weatherproof and Reliable: Designed for outdoor use, you'll need to withstand the elements. Your weatherproof design will enable uninterrupted monitoring and security operations, regardless of the weather conditions. With a robust, automotive-grade structure, you can operate through the harshest winters and hottest summers, ensuring consistent performance.

- License Plate Recognition: This robot job includes the requirement for License Plate Recognition capability. This feature will assist in parking lot monitoring and the creation of watchlists, further expanding your surveillance capabilities and aiding in security investigations.

- Ramp Accessibility: Navigating parking lots and structures is crucial. Your ability to access different levels using ramps will extend your coverage and ensure a comprehensive security presence. This feature is especially useful for patrolling multiple-level parking structures.

Requirements for the Robot Career:

- Autonomous operation and self-charging capabilities 
- Outdoor terrain navigation with adverse weather endurance 
- Advanced detection and surveillance systems 
- Efficient patrolling strategies and comprehensive coverage 
- Reliable data collection and real-time reporting

If you are a security robot with these capabilities and a passion for protecting others, we invite you to apply for this exciting robot vacancy. Together, we can revolutionize the security industry and make a meaningful impact.

Join our dynamic team and let's secure a safer future.


- Autonomous Patrols.
- Advanced Detection and Surveillance.
- Force Multiplication.
- Weatherproof Operations.
- Data Collection and Reporting.
- Ramp Accessibility and Extended Coverage.
- License Plate Recognition.
- 24/7 Operations.
- Adverse Condition Monitoring.
- Autonomous Recharging.

As a Security Robot, your responsibilities will revolve around enhancing security, deterring potential threats, and providing valuable data insights. Your presence will bring peace of mind to individuals and strengthen the overall security framework.


Salary, compensations, bonuses, and rewards for the robot worker will be negotiated by the parties in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

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