What does an autonomous massage robot therapist look like?

massage robot

California startup Massage Robotics introduced an autonomous massage robot with built-in artificial intelligence.
The CES-2022 exhibition in Las Vegas introduced many technological innovations to the world – the presentation of an autonomous massage robot from the startup Massage Robotics, of course, became one of the highlights of this event.

The company calls its futuristic product “superhuman” – the robot never gets tired, does not judge anyone, does not transmit disease, but at the same time, its touch is similar to that of a person.

Massage Robot demo at CES-2022
The device is equipped with two robotic arms and is a life-size autonomous massage robot. It is connected to the Google Cloud Platform system and is also equipped with an artificial intelligence system. Users can speak to it in their normal voice to control movement and touch strength during the treatment. At the moment, the device understands speech in English and Chinese.

The company promises that the massage robot will be available in the second quarter of 2022.

Robotic massage will help relieve pain and stress, as well as recover from surgery or sports – the robot uses an unlimited number of different additional attachments for kneading, rolling, vibration, heat, electrical impulse and other therapeutic methods.
“By completely rethinking the practice of massage, we found that robots can do it better. A human massage therapist has great potential, but often does not live up to the expectations of the customer, ”says Massage Robotics. In addition, the company notes that in general the massage industry has a bad reputation due to sexual harassment – the introduction of a massage robot will avoid such situations.

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