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Mecademic introduces absolute calibration for precision industrial robots

Mecademic, a leading developer of compact, high-precision industrial robots, has announced the launch of Mecademic Absolute Calibration (MAC), a groundbreaking service that promises to enhance the accuracy of its robots straight out of the box. This innovative offering demonstrates Mecademic's commitment to delivering robots that meet the most stringent precision and accuracy requirements, eliminating the need for third-party calibration services.



"The development of our Absolute Calibration service stems from a commitment to uphold the high quality standards we set for our products and to fully leverage our robots' capabilities," stated Ilian Bonev, co-founder of Mecademic and professor of industrial robotics at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), a public research university in Montreal. "This advancement reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence. It provides our clients with a solution ready to integrate and operate right out of the box without needing external calibration. This capability is a game-changer for industries requiring utmost precision and accuracy in their operations."

Mecademic created MAC to service industries where even the slightest deviation can significantly impact outcomes, such as optics, photonics, electronics, medical devices, and aerospace and automotive components. The company's new service ensures that its robots meet the rigorous demands of micro-application automation, where precision is paramount.

The MAC service enhances robots with advanced calibration techniques, including the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to meet or exceed the highest standards of accuracy. By integrating this service in-house, Mecademic offers a seamless, efficient solution that enhances performance, mitigates risk, and shortens deployment times across all applications requiring high-precision automation.

"In industries where precision is critical, even the smallest calibration error can have significant consequences," said a Mecademic spokesperson. "With MAC, our clients can trust that their Mecademic robots are delivering the highest levels of accuracy right out of the box, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity."

Mecademic offers a range of compact systems for highly precise operations, including the MECA500 six-axis industrial robot arm, the MCS500 SCARA robot, end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) solutions, and software offerings like MecaPortal and RoboDK for Mecademic Robots. The company's commitment to innovation and precision has positioned it as a leading provider of high-performance robotic solutions for industries with exacting standards.

As the demand for precision automation continues to grow across various sectors, Mecademic's Absolute Calibration service positions the company at the forefront of meeting this critical need. With MAC, Mecademic reinforces its dedication to delivering robots that exceed expectations, enabling its clients to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency in their operations.

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