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The German company Bionic has introduced an exoskeleton powered by Apogee+

German robotics firm Bionic has launched its Apogee+ exoskeleton for the North American healthcare market. Apogee+ combines advanced robotics with data-driven insights to assist caregivers with lifting and mobilizing patients.

Designed for patient handling safety and caregiver job satisfaction, Apogee+ represents Bionic's first healthcare offering, building on its industrial sector success. Product Director Norma Steller noted, "Modern equipment increases nursing role attractiveness, helping facilities recruit and retain skilled staff."

Apogee+ actively lifts up to 66 pounds (30 kg), reducing back strain. Built-in handles simplify lifting and moving patients, easing daily caregiving. Its IP54 dust/water resistance enables bathing and washing flexibility. Extensive reporting helps caregivers optimize workflows.

CEO Armin G. Schmidt said, "Our smart exoskeletons are designed to alleviate difficult working conditions in these critical roles, enhancing safety and sustainability. Based on early European traction, we believe they will soon become integral in US clinics and nursing homes."

Comfort factors include a lightweight, elegant frame flexibly adapting to motions and environments. Easy disinfection is enabled by the monocoque outer frame minimizing bacteria-trapping surfaces.

Apogee+ exemplifies growing interest in healthcare exoskeletons alleviating injury risks and enhancing job satisfaction as staff shortages persist. Bionic aims to transfer its robotics and industrial exoskeleton expertise to improve patient handling and accessibility.

Early reaction indicates caregiving exoskeletons will see significant US adoption, relieving strains on an overburdened system. Apogee+ represents a human-centered innovation that could benefit healthcare workers and patients alike through safer, sustainable assistive technology.

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