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Miso Robotics Heats Up Pasadena Job Market

The robotics revolution is brewing in Pasadena, California, and Miso Robotics, Inc. is at the forefront. This American company, known for its innovative AI-powered kitchen robot Flippy, is on a hiring spree, seeking a diverse range of talent to fuel their mission of transforming the food service industry.

From the engineering core to the sales floor, Miso Robotics is casting a wide net for passionate individuals. Here's a breakdown of some key open positions:

Leadership Openings: Miso Robotics is looking for a Director of Program Management to oversee their core technology group, ensuring smooth project execution and alignment across departments. Additionally, a Finance Director is needed to manage the company's financial health and growth strategy.

Engineering Powerhouse: On the engineering front, Miso Robotics seeks talented individuals across various disciplines. They require a Manufacturing Engineer to optimize production processes, a Mechanical Engineer to design and develop innovative robotic solutions, and a Senior Electrical Engineer to play a pivotal role in Flippy's electrical systems. Additionally, a Senior Manager of Electrical Engineering is needed to lead and mentor the electrical engineering team.

Product & Sales Champions: To bring Flippy to market and ensure customer satisfaction, Miso Robotics is searching for a Product Manager Lead to spearhead product development and a Sales Manager to lead their sales efforts.

Software Savvy: The brains behind Flippy are the software engineers. Miso Robotics is seeking both a Senior Software Engineer and a Senior Technical Program Manager to write the code and oversee the software development lifecycle, respectively. Finally, a Software Test Engineer is needed to ensure Flippy performs flawlessly.

Why join Miso Robotics?

This is more than just a job; it's a chance to be part of a company revolutionizing the food industry. You'll be working with cutting-edge technologies alongside a passionate team dedicated to innovation. The Pasadena location offers a vibrant work environment with the added benefit of being in the heart of California's technology hub.

What skills and experience are they looking for?

Miso Robotics seeks individuals with relevant experience and a strong track record in their respective fields. A passion for robotics, AI, and the food service industry is a plus. The company values strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

If you're a talented individual looking to make a real impact in the exciting world of food robotics, then Miso Robotics might be your perfect career match. With a new office in Pasadena and a diverse range of open positions, this is the perfect time to join the Miso Robotics team and help shape the future of food preparation.

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