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Movu Robotics partners with KPI to create customized warehouse systems

Supply chain consulting firm KPI Solutions has partnered with automated storage vendor Movu Robotics to deliver comprehensive warehouse automation solutions. Combining operational expertise with leading robotic technologies, the companies will offer custom systems optimizing inventory and distribution.

Many organizations face pressures from labor shortages, costs and fluctuating requirements necessitating efficient, adaptable automation. By meshing their competencies, KPI and Movu aim to provide scalable, robot-powered storage and order fulfillment that addresses these industry pain points.

KPI director Ron Adams said, "We welcome [Movu] as a new offering that will bring long-term distribution benefits for customers." Adams added that jointly developed implementations will drive flexibility and competitive advantages.

Movu's mobile robots shuttle inventory pods around facilities independent of fixed infrastructure. This allows easy reconfiguration as needs shift. Meanwhile, KPI contributes extensive experience with diverse automation platforms from conveyors to AGVs that interoperate for whole-warehouse transformation.

Lokeren, Belgium-based Movu said its portfolio of robots and warehouse execution system (WES) software can work together to fit all kinds of facilities. The stow Group unit‘s robots include:

  • atlas: Movu has built its pallet shuttle sub-system for high-density, multi-pallet ASRS. Atlas has a maximum payload of more than 3,300 lb. (1,500 kg). It can operate without lift truck aisles or manual handling, and the modular system can adapt to the end user’s available space. 
  • ifollow: This is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for collaborative picking or pallet transport. With a maximum payload of over 2,645 lb. (1,200 kg), Movu said ifollow can be rapidly deployed. It allows users to independently map and modify tasks to their own requirements. 
  • escala: This ASRS enables G2P picking from bins. Escala eliminates the need for manual handling in the delivery of goods in bins to picker workstations. The modular system can hold up to six containers deep, and handle up to 650 by 450 bins.
  • eligo: Eligo is Movu’s robot picking arm. It can automatically pick from a single-SKU source bin and place items into multiple mixed-SKU destination bins. The robotic arm can lift up to 4.4 lb. (2 kg) and has over 99% picking accuracy, claimed Movu. 

The partnership underscores a growing recognition that automated success requires both technical capabilities and process overhaul. By advising enterprises holistically, KPI Solutions and Movu seek to deliver outsized productivity leaps and future-proofed operations.

President Nate Richter stated, "Together, we provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions through comprehensive automation suites and Movu systems." Richter suggested the collaboration's excellence and innovation signal a coming era of unlimited potential in reimagining warehousing.

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