Mujin's $85M funding and controller technology

Japan's Mujin has secured $85 million in Series C financing to boost accessibility of its MujinController platform. SBI Investment led the round, which included Silicon Valley's Pegasus Tech Ventures, Accenture, and angel investor Dr. James Kuffner among others.

Kuffner said, "This funding is a milestone for Mujin's pioneering intelligent automation tech. Mujin can now accelerate delivering truly advanced industrial robotics solutions globally, strengthening its market leader position."

The MujinController transforms any manufacturer's industrial robots into intelligent machines capable of automating diverse manufacturing and logistics applications. Its real-time digital twin enables perception, planning, and control algorithms to digitize the physical world for autonomous robot motion.

Co-founder Ross Diankov said, "We're excited to continue perfecting the MujinController and get it into everyone's hands." The platform allows faster, lower cost deployment of advanced automation versus traditional methods with greater accuracy, safety and reliability.

The MujinController currently powers use cases like mixed-SKU palletizing/depalletizing, e-commerce fulfillment picking, automotive bin picking, trailer/container unloading, and robot cell deployment.

This new capital will help Mujin enhance the controller and make its benefits more accessible. The company expanded into North America in 2021, opening an Atlanta-area office housing engineering, sales, and support staff like Diankov.

Mujin's Series C round validates the controller's immense market potential to drive smarter industrial automation. By empowering any robot with perception and autonomous decision-making, Mujin aims to spearhead a paradigm shift. This funding will fuel getting the MujinController's game-changing capabilities into wider use.

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