Nauticus Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous marine robots

Nauticus Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous marine robots, has secured an additional $2.7 million contract extension from Leidos Holdings to continue developing an advanced unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). This latest funding brings Nauticus' total contract value with Leidos to $14.5 million since 2022.

The new UUV leverages Nauticus' Aquanaut commercial platform and proprietary AI software to perform security-focused missions. Aquanaut features cutting-edge artificial intelligence, sensors, and autonomy to conduct tasks without endangering human divers. This advanced capability will empower the UUV to take on more complex, lengthy missions in the future.

Nauticus' funding extension with Leidos signifies deepening ties between the two companies. According to Nauticus CEO Nicolaus Radford, "This very important work combines great attributes from each company to deploy a truly novel subsea capability."

The Nauticus-Leidos partnership aims to produce an innovative underwater vehicle that can pave the way for new government and commercial opportunities. Nauticus specializes in developing and deploying autonomous marine robots using artificial intelligence to collect data and perform services for ocean industries.

Meanwhile, Leidos is a leader in science and technology solutions for defense, intelligence, civil, and health markets. The Fortune 500 company is lending its expertise to advance Nauticus' UUV technology for enhanced real-world performance.

With Leidos' latest funding, Nauticus will refine its UUV's autonomous capabilities and ready it for adoption by government and commercial customers. The seafaring robot leverages Nauticus' toolKITT software which coordinates autonomous actions for underwater vehicles. This technology aims to enable the UUV to execute more complex missions over longer durations.

The Nauticus-Leidos partnership demonstrates the vast potential of autonomous marine robots to take on risky underwater tasks without endangering humans. With continued development, these AI-powered UUVs could soon unlock new capabilities for scientific, commercial and defense applications below the sea.

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