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Neura Robotics raised $16 million from InterAlphen Partners

German AI robotics startup Neura Robotics raised $16 million from InterAlphen Partners, just months after a $55 million round. This fuels Neura's growth and upcoming US entry with its humanoid and cobot products.

Neura builds versatile perception-driven platforms enabling robots to see, hear, feel and respond autonomously. Their first market product was MAiRA, a cognitive cobot that fully perceives its surroundings including humans.

InterAlphen founder Stephen George sees Neura becoming an industry leader in collaborative robotics which aligns with their mission of empowering humanity through robotics. Their portfolio includes early bets on Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter and Epic Systems.

Beyond MAiRA, Neura now offers a range of cobots, mobile robots, and autonomous mobile manipulation systems suited for various needs.

The fresh American funding and experience will propel Neura's 2024 US debut. CEO David Reger believes their AI and German engineering can transform robotics and the world.

Neura's broad product line and InterAlphen's backing validate their vision of versatile perception-driven robotics. They aim to lead a new wave of capable, adaptive machines working alongside humans.

By moving beyond narrow applications, Neura's ambidextrous approach echoes the promise of general-purpose robotics. Their expansion plans will soon extend this futuristic vision to US shores.

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