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Off-road robotics challenges at RoboBusiness

Building rugged, capable robots for unstructured outdoor settings poses distinct challenges versus indoor bots or autonomous vehicles. Off-road applications require durability for harsh conditions while executing specialized tasks like mowing or harvesting needing immense power. Sensors and software must adapt to diverse environments.

At RoboBusiness 2022, Scythe Robotics CEO and co-founder Jack Morrisson will detail key learnings from developing Scythe's all-electric autonomous commercial mower. His talk will cover how unstructured environments influence hardware, perception and software for off-road robots.

As a leader passionate about combining computing and physical systems, Morrisson brings deep computer vision and robotics software expertise to Scythe. His career began developing UAV imagery algorithms before robotics research pursuing long-term collaborative autonomy.

Morrisson later co-founded Replica Labs, acquired by Occipital, building early 3D reconstruction from smartphones. In 2018, he founded Scythe which now has 50+ employees.

With over 60 speakers and 100 exhibitors, RoboBusiness showcases the commercial robotics ecosystem. Morrisson's insights will help other innovators overcome off-road robotics challenges.

RoboBusiness will be co-located with the Field Robotics Engineering Forum on wide-area outdoor robots, plus DeviceTalks West medtech event. The conferences collectively draw diverse engineering and business professionals.

By sharing hard-earned experience tackling rugged autonomy, Morrisson exemplifies RoboBusiness's mission - accelerating robotics innovation and commercialization. As off-road applications grow, Morrisson and Scythe are pioneers guiding the industry's development.

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