Somatic's office cleaning robot service

New York startup Somatic has developed an autonomous robot to boost cleaning efficiency in commercial buildings. The company offers the robot as a $1000 per month service without upfront costs, providing 40 hours of weekly restroom cleaning.

The robot autonomously navigates between floors using elevators, opens doors, and disinfects bathrooms. After mapping a building's layout with sensors beforehand, a remote operator initially trains the robot before it transitions to full autonomy.

At $5.68 per hour, the service is priced comparably to human cleaners at minimum wage. It's designed to handle routine sanitation, freeing staff for more complex tasks. If the robot encounters anything unexpected, it emails photos for human cleaners to address.

Somatic aims to augment, not replace, janitorial staff by automating repetitive drudgery. With labor shortages pressing, the robots provide consistent sanitation without reliance on hiring alone.

While adoption details are scarce, Somatic's robots are already deployed and available. The innovative model provides cleaning-as-a-service without upfront investment in equipment.

By leveraging robotics to tackle dull, repetitive work, Somatic opens new labor efficiencies in facilities management. Their creative business approach lowers barriers for autonomous solutions to relieve building staff and improve hygiene.

The robotics-enhanced service exemplifies emerging symbiosis between human and machine capabilities in essential sectors like sanitation. Somatic demonstrates robots and staff working in concert can elevate workplace productivity, outcomes and satisfaction.

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