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Olis Robotics and Kawasaki partner to offer remote troubleshooting

A new collaboration looks set to overhaul traditional industrial robot oversight and maintenance through the power of remote connectivity. Seattle-based Olis Robotics, a leader in troubleshooting automation systems from afar, has linked arms with renowned manufacturer Kawasaki Robotics. Together, they aim to make continuous monitoring and expert-level support accessible for robot users of all sizes.


Olis supplies an on-premise device that taps into the real-time status and control functions of Kawasaki models or most other robot brands already installed in factories. If errors halt production, the system triggers alerts allowing Olis specialists to rapidly diagnose mechanical, electrical or software faults from headquarters.

With full visibility into robot activity data, the majority of issues can be resolved instantly without needing costly in-person visits. For simpler manual fixes, Olis provides intuitive tools so company technicians can make adjustments working alongside robots safely.

The partnership promises to accelerate automation adoption by erasing common operational pain points. Smaller manufacturers hesitant to commit now have instant backup from Olis experts at the ready. Integrators can focus sales efforts rather than drive time to far-flung deployments. End users minimize cost and risk while scaling robot cells confidently.

Showcasing the streamlined troubleshooting abilities, Olis and Kawaski will demonstrate at MODEX 2024 a mixed palletizing application where boxed goods are automatically stacked, wrapped and loaded onto pallets by a nimble robot arm. Attendees can trigger simulated failures and watch as remote monitoring detects problems in seconds while operators remedy faults in minutes without shutdowns.

By meshing Kawasaki’s rugged reliability with Olis’ responsive controls and connectivity, manufacturers gain an automation alliance resilient to almost any production snag. The result? Robot cells that learn, adapt and thrive exponentially while business fires on all cylinders.

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