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Omnirobotic obtains $500k to expand product offerings for manufacturers

Laval, Canada-based Omnirobotic has charted an interesting course in its mission to bring more autonomy to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Founded in 2016, the company began by licensing its AutonomyOS robot training software to partners who would then build their own autonomous machines. But in 2022, Omnirobotic changed models completely by deciding to design and sell robotic hardware itself to better meet customer needs.


That strategic shift is now paying off with a recently closed $500,000 funding round. Omnirobotic plans to use the fresh capital to further develop its standard robot product line targeting the woodworking and metal fabrication spaces. Early sales and distribution deals, including with major hardware supplier Würth Baer, confirm demand for plug-and-play automation.

The pivot last summer from pure software player to becoming its own machine builder prompted restructuring as well. Management secured debt relief from government agency Investissement Québec and injected additional liquidity alongside existing investors. This cleared the path for Omnirobotic to bring leading-edge solutions directly to small and mid-sized manufacturers struggling with labor shortages.

Powering the company’s autonomous equipment is its bespoke AutonomyOS platform. The technology allows robots to be quickly trained for new tasks, parts and workflows via AI and computer vision vs. expensive explicit coding. Omnirobotic notes some systems can be fully production-ready in only 30 minutes with no prior robotics expertise required.

Early woodworking applications demonstrate the promise. Installed sanding solutions let small shops with as few as six people automate a traditionally tedious manual task. With a larger 6,500 sq. ft. facility now supporting production of up to 180 robots per year, Omnirobotic appears positioned to scale up automation upgrades across North America and beyond.

The company's fresh funding and hardware centric direction capitalize on clear market pull. Finding skilled workers remains a top challenge industry-wide even amid looming recession fears. Omnirobotic's adaptive autonomy solutions exchange labor quantity for quality - letting sophisticated robots handle rote jobs while empowering humans to focus on more gratifying, higher-value roles.

Initial customer wins and now fresh capital infusion validate Omnirobotic's strategic evolution. Purpose-built hardware paired with responsive AutonomyOS training unlocks automation possibilities once reserved for only the largest manufacturers. Expect Omnirobotic's robot ranks to continue advancing across factory floors in Quebec and globally as more mid-market businesses discover the benefits of tactical automation.

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