Seoul Robotics SENSR 3.0

Seoul Robotics unveils SENSR 3.0, the pinnacle of its 3D perception platform, offering enhanced user experience and simplified deployment of large-scale 3D systems across diverse industries. With SENSR 3.0, Seoul Robotics reaffirms its commitment to delivering a groundbreaking, all-encompassing 3D solution accessible to any user, irrespective of their prior experience with such technology.

This latest iteration, SENSR 3.0, introduces novel updates and functionalities aimed at streamlining the setup, navigation, and expansion of 3D systems. Integrated within 3D sensors like LiDAR, SENSR leverages advanced AI to track, detect, and identify hundreds of objects simultaneously within a 4-centimeter range. As data accumulates, SENSR 3.0 continuously enhances its capabilities, unlocking unprecedented insights into the environment. The software suite features QuickTune, a new tool facilitating swift sensor calibration, and QuickSite, a site modeling tool enabling virtual design and scaling of 3D systems, thus reducing installation complexities.

QuickTune simplifies 3D system installation and calibration for users of all proficiency levels. By identifying common environmental elements during setup, such as walls or corners, QuickTune automates sensor calibration, drastically accelerating deployment. Users can opt for QuickTune to automatically detect common points or manually select calibration locations, significantly reducing calibration time with just a few clicks, especially in multi-sensor installations.

QuickSite eliminates setup uncertainties by utilizing location data to automatically compute sensor placements for optimized analysis, eliminating the need for physical site visits and measurements. By simulating setup outcomes, QuickSite ensures accurate and reliable designs, slashing installation times from weeks to under an hour.

With SENSR's hardware and sensor independence, it seamlessly integrates with various systems, allowing customization based on application, requirements, and budget. This adaptability, coupled with SENSR's sensor fusion capabilities, ensures scalability over vast areas. SENSR 3.0 enhances versatility by introducing dockerization, simplifying software creation and deployment for diverse solutions, while maintaining compatibility with other applications on the same device, thus expanding hardware compatibility.

Moreover, Seoul Robotics has augmented SENSR 3.0's configuration and maintenance platform with additional instructions for simplified navigation, and SENSR 3.0 OS is compatible with various Ubuntu versions.

Amid rising demand for solutions offering intelligent data without persistent record privacy concerns, 3D systems have become increasingly prevalent, offering smarter, safer, and more efficient environments. Seoul Robotics collaborates with partners across intelligent transportation systems, security, retail, airports, railways, and smart cities to deploy transformative solutions, enhancing safety, efficiency, and access control.

William Muller, Vice President of Business Development at Seoul Robotics, envisions the myriad possibilities enabled by accurate perception of the world beyond human sight. "Roads will be safer, shops optimized, and airport wait times reduced. These are just the immediate benefits of installing 3D systems," Muller asserts. "With SENSR 3.0, setting up, calibrating, and scaling a 3D system has never been easier, revolutionizing how companies harness our technology."

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