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Piab releases LBG-50

Piab, a provider of automation solutions, has launched the LBG-50 lightweight bag gripper to strengthen its pallet stacking offerings. The pre-developed gripper lifts bags up to 50kg, saving engineering time.

Custom bag handling for conveyor integration typically requires extensive dimension analysis and adjustments. The LBG-50 simplifies this with its ready-to-install design that matches common roller sizes.

Years of palletizing experience enabled Piab to optimize the gripper for easy implementation, adjustment and maintenance. It flexibly adapts to any roller layout while smoothly handling bags.

Bags pose handling challenges due to their weight, flexibility and sensitivity to damage. But LBG-50 provides a reliable yet gentle lift. Its clamping plate also locks bags at the top for faster cycles.

The aluminum construction makes the gripper lightweight yet durable. Flexible finger positioning and extensive mounting options add to the versatility. Valve packages suit both discrete I/O and industrial Ethernet protocols.

By consolidating the key considerations for safe, performant bag handling into an off-the-shelf product, Piab streamlines the engineering process and reduces project risk.

Piab's expertise allowed preemptively addressing pain points like dimensional fit and gentle handling. This enables fast and low-risk automation of an otherwise complex task.

The LBG-50 provides a blueprint for leveraging domain knowledge to simplify custom automation projects through ready-made solutions. This can significantly accelerate ROI realization.

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