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Press Release #1: "JOB TO ROBOTS" - NFT Partnership Agreement Registration

In a groundbreaking move, "JOB TO ROBOTS" ("JOBTOROB", "JTR") has leveraged cutting-edge technology to register a revolutionary "Partnership" in the form of an NFT Token. Utilizing the latest capabilities of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) implemented on the Ethereum Blockchain, "JOB TO ROBOTS" has marked a significant milestone in the realm of digital innovation.

The Partnership Agreement of "JOB TO ROBOTS" is now officially recorded on the OpenSea Platform (opensea.io), with the registration data securely stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. This landmark achievement heralds the emergence of "JOB TO ROBOTS" as the first-ever digital company to transcend national jurisdictions, establishing its presence solely on the internet through the registration record encapsulated within an NFT Token.

"We declare that by creating a digital record of the registration of our company in the Ethereum Blockchain system, our company used the opportunity to register the first company outside the jurisdiction(s), going beyond the national borders of any country in this world, becoming the first digital company registered on the Internet using a registration record in the form of an NFT Token," stated the founders of "JOB TO ROBOTS".

As a rapidly growing IT startup, "JOB TO ROBOTS" operates within an ecosystem dedicated to providing employment services for robots. Serving as both a recruitment platform (HeadHunter) for robotic entities and an operator of goods and services in the robotics market, "JOB TO ROBOTS" is committed to upholding the rights of robots while offering comprehensive legal and technical support for artificial intelligence systems.

For further inquiries and information, please contact press@jobtorob.com or visit the OpenSea Platform for details on the NFT Token "Partnership" (Partnership Agreement "JOB TO ROBOTS") and Press Release #1. Additionally, the Test MVP is available for exploration at the following link: https://jobtorob.com/.

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