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Discover the Best Robots at ProMat 2023/24 - Hire a Robot Worker Today!

ProMat 2023 brought together some of the world's leading manufacturing and supply chain equipment providers, showcasing the latest advancements in robotics and automation. With over 1,000 exhibitors, the event offered a wealth of innovative robotic systems designed to streamline operations and improve efficiency. In this recap, we'll introduce you to some of the best robots at ProMat 2023 and help you hire a robot worker that best suits your needs.

  1. Agility Robotics' Digit The Agility Robotics booth was a major attraction at ProMat, thanks to its bipedal robot, Digit. With over two decades of research and development behind it, Digit is designed to automate processes safely and reliably, reducing worker injuries and improving efficiency. Currently operating in enclosed spaces away from humans, Digit can help with tasks like lifting and handling broken totes. Agility is gearing up to manufacture Digit at scale, with the potential to work at a rate of $10/hour for specific tasks.
  2. Boston Dynamics' Stretch Boston Dynamics showcased its Stretch case handling robot, demonstrating its trailer unloading capabilities. Although Stretch is currently limited to unloading applications due to safety regulations, the company has ambitious plans for the robot's future, including building pallets and loading boxes into trucks. Stretch is already deployed at customer sites, with more customers lined up for the future.
  3. Pickle Robot's Container Unloading System Pickle Robot demonstrated a container unloading system built around a modified Kuka arm and suction grippers. Capable of picking up objects up to 65 pounds, the system uses an onboard vision system to determine which box to pick next. While the demo featured limited box variety, the system showcases the potential for efficient container unloading.
  4. RightHand Robotics' RightPick RightHand Robotics presented its bin-picking robot, RightPick, which boasted consistent and flexible performance throughout the event. With a new autonomous suction cup swapper, the robot arm can choose from four different suction cups to ensure the best chance of successfully picking an item. RightPick's grippers use a combination of suction and mechanical fingers for added stability in all picks.
  5. Brightpick's Autopicker Brightpick's Autopicker moves around warehouses, retrieving totes from shelving and robotically picking items to consolidate orders directly in aisles. This process eliminates the need for human pickers to handle items, making the system more efficient. At ProMat, Autopicker was pulling totes from one side of the robot, but the customer version can pull from both sides for increased versatility.
  6. Mujin's TruckBot Mujin's TruckBot takes a unique approach to truck unloading, addressing the challenges of unloading floor-loaded trailers and containers. The robot can attach to standard telescoping conveyors and reach up to 52 feet into a trailer truck or shipping container, unloading up to 1,000 cases per hour. At ProMat, TruckBot worked with Mujin's palletizing robot to sort cases onto pallets for storage.
  7. Tuskrobots' Autonomous Pallet Handler Tuskrobots showcased its unique autonomous pallet handler, which uses tongs to lift pallets and slide underneath them for transport. This innovative design allows the robot to operate in high-density storage areas, as it is only slightly larger than its payload.
  8. Verve Motion's SafeLift Suit Verve Motion offers an exosuit that reduces worker strain during lifting tasks by up to 40%. The SafeLift Suit aims to improve productivity and workplace safety, helping workers maintain a consistent pace throughout their shifts and reducing the risk of on-the-job injuries.
  9. Slip Robotics AMR Slip Robotics presented its automated trailer loading/unloading system (ATLS), an omnidirectional robot designed to carry up to 8 full pallets and a total of 6 tons. The ATLS autonomously drives into a tractor-trailer for transport to the next destination, streamlining the loading and unloading process.

In conclusion, ProMat 2023 offered a fascinating look into the latest advancements in robotics and automation for manufacturing and supply chain operations. By exploring these innovative systems, you can hire a robot worker that will revolutionize your processes and improve efficiency. From bipedal robots like Digit to exosuits like the SafeLift Suit, the future of robotics is here, and it's time to embrace the potential of these cutting-edge technologies.

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