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Promise Robotics brings in $15M to bring automation to homebuilding

Promise Robotics’ robotic system aims to remove the risk from homebuilders by offering products that benefit from a decade of operational excellence, continuous improvement, and successful homebuilding.

Promise Robotics, an AI startup developing cloud-based automation for construction and assembly, has secured $15 million in Series A funding to accelerate commercialization of its robotic manufacturing platform. The raise, led by Horizons Ventures, brings total funding to $25 million.

Promise aims to transform the homebuilding sector by enabling affordable, large-scale robotic production. The company's system leverages off-the-shelf robots, proprietary AI software, and an industrial cloud platform to fully manage automated factory deployment.

This "automation-as-a-service" model allows builders to implement robotic assembly lines without costly capital investment or operational risks. Promise handles the entire lifecycle - from facility design to process optimization - freeing clients to focus on home construction.

The new capital will expand product capabilities and meet rising demand, as Promise's order book grows across North America. CEO Ramtin Attar suggests reluctance around automation investment has slowed industry adoption, issues their cloud-based approach now removes.

"We have melded our expertise in automated homebuilding with transformative innovations to eliminate barriers to broader adoption," said Attar.

Investors see Promise as a disruptive force modernizing a sector ripe for change. "It's hard to imagine we'll be building homes the same way in 5-10 years," noted Horizons' Kerry Liu. "Promise Robotics is positioned to be a disruptive force."

Promise was founded by automation veterans Attar and Reza Nasseri. Their previous prefabricated housing factory produced thousands of homes, proving the model's effectiveness. Applied broadly, Promise estimates 1 million robotically-built homes could save $130 billion in costs and generate 16,000 jobs.

This sizable Series A enables the next growth phase for a transformative construction industry player. By making automated production accessible, Promise Robotics can spearhead a new generation of efficient, sustainable homebuilding powered by AI and robotics.

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