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Pudu Robotics expands into manufacturing with versatile PUDU T300 Mobile Robot

Pudu Technology Co., a pioneering force in service robotics, has set its sights on conquering new frontiers with the unveiling of its PUDU T300 mobile robot. Announced at the renowned Hannover Messe trade fair, this cutting-edge robotic solution is poised to revolutionize supply chain and manufacturing operations worldwide, leveraging Pudu's expertise in autonomous navigation and intelligent automation.



"There is a huge demand from industrial clients for automated, flexible robotics solutions that can operate continuously to meet high production rates and improve operational efficiency," stated Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics. "As manufacturers struggle to attract and retain talent, the T300 fills the immediate gap by seamlessly integrating with facilities' current processes, as well as optimizing operations to spur sector-wide innovation."

Pudu Robotics' foray into the industrial domain is a strategic move driven by the company's recognition of a significant market demand for lightweight material transportation within complex manufacturing environments. These settings often present formidable challenges, such as narrow pathways, mixed-traffic scenarios involving both human and machine interactions, and areas with suspended obstacles – all of which require robots to operate with uncompromising safety, flexibility, and advanced navigation capabilities.

Drawing upon its extensive experience in the foodservice industry, where similar demands for safety, agility, and cutting-edge navigation technology exist, Pudu Robotics brings to the table a wealth of technical expertise, including robust SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology and a resilient supply chain system. These hard-won skills and resources are now being seamlessly transferred to the industrial domain, promising to unlock new realms of productivity and efficiency.

The PUDU T300 is a testament to Pudu Robotics' commitment to innovation and customer-centric design. Boasting an impressive payload capacity of 300 kg (661.3 lb.), this mobile robot is specifically engineered to serve the material logistics needs of discrete manufacturing operations, adeptly handling tasks such as delivering supplies to production lines, transferring materials between different production areas, and assisting in the delivery of samples for quality inspection.

One of the T300's standout features is its exceptional maneuverability, which allows it to navigate spaces as narrow as 60 cm (23.6 in.) with ease, enabling seamless shuttling between production lines without hindrance. Powered by Pudu's proprietary PUDU VSLAM+, a fusion of laser SLAM and visual SLAM for positioning, the T300 can adapt to its environment in real-time, updating its maps and ensuring consistent, reliable performance.

Safety remains a paramount consideration, with the T300 adhering to ISO 3691-4 industrial safety requirements and incorporating advanced features such as lidar, depth cameras, collision-protection edges, and emergency stop buttons. Additionally, the robot's high-brightness operation-indicator lights and traffic-signal lights ensure clear communication of its position and cruising intentions, fostering a harmonious coexistence with human workers.

Pudu Robotics has also prioritized operational efficiency with the T300, equipping it with automatic recharging capabilities that enable continuous 24/7 operation. The robot can recharge in approximately two hours and features quick battery-swapping capabilities, catering to diverse customer requirements and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

The T300's versatility extends beyond its physical capabilities, with seamless integration into existing production processes through secure door access, elevator control, self-configuring networks with call options, and production-line material requests via a dedicated app. This level of interconnectivity ensures a smooth transition into automated material handling, minimizing disruptions to established workflows.

"The PUDU T300 will be monitored using our proprietary distributed scheduling system, which allows for efficient management and coordination of the robot fleet," explained Zhang. "Additionally, the T300 supports PUDUlink, a platform developed by Pudu Robotics for remote device management. This platform enables operators to monitor, control, and update the robots from a centralized location, ensuring smooth operation and quick response to any issues that may arise."

To further enhance flexibility, the T300 is designed to be compatible with third-party APIs (application programming interfaces), enabling seamless integration with existing fleet management or scheduling systems utilized by industrial clients.

With nearly 1,000 patents worldwide and over 70,000 units shipped to customers across retail, dining, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, and education sectors, Pudu Robotics brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the manufacturing domain. The company's strategic expansion into this new frontier is a testament to its commitment to driving innovation and addressing the evolving needs of diverse industries through intelligent automation.

As manufacturers worldwide grapple with labor shortages, operational inefficiencies, and the relentless pursuit of productivity gains, the PUDU T300 emerges as a powerful ally, offering a scalable, flexible, and intelligent solution to streamline material handling processes. With Pudu Robotics at the forefront of this revolution, the future of manufacturing promises to be one of unprecedented efficiency, safety, and industry-wide transformation.

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