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Raise your glass to robot bartenders: a new wave of automated mixologists

The job market for bartenders is about to get a shake-up, as a new breed of robot employees emerges – robot bartenders. From sleek, automated drink dispensers to dexterous robotic arms crafting cocktails, these mechanical mixologists are poised to redefine the art of beverage service.


Leading the charge in this robotic revolution are companies like Makr Shakr, Cecilia.ai, and Barpluspm. Makr Shakr's robotic bartending systems, for instance, can create an impressive 80 different cocktails per minute, all while delivering a mesmerizing show of choreographed movements from their robot workers.

But it's not just about speed and efficiency. These robot bartenders boast an impressive repertoire of cocktail recipes, sourced from top mixologists around the world. Cecilia.ai's robotic bartender, for example, can whip up over 300 different cocktails, each executed with precision and flair by its robot employee.


Here is a list of robot bartenders with brief descriptions:

Makr Shakr - Developed by an Italian company, these robotic bartending systems can make up to 80 cocktails per minute using choreographed robotic arms as robot workers.

Cecilia.ai - This Swiss robot bartender can craft over 300 different cocktail recipes with precision using an AI database of drink formulations, serving as a skilled robot employee.

Barpluspm - A Korean robot bartender solution that automates drink mixing, garnishing, and serving through robotic arms employing robot workers.

Somabar - A Wi-Fi connected robotic bartender for home use that can craft cocktails on voice command using drink capsules, acting as a personal robot bartender.

Innomatic RobotBar - This Italian robot features two mechanical arms to autonomously mix, pour, and serve up to 18 different beverages using its robot workers.

Monsieur - An autonomous cocktail robot developed in Canada that owns over 300 drink recipes and converses with customers as a knowledgeable robot employee.

Carl the Bartending Robot - Built by a Florida startup, Carl utilizes AI to take drink orders and serve patrons as a capable robot worker.

Robots Bar Stock - A Ukrainian company offering various automated bartending robots for commercial use, hiring robots as expert bartenders.

Motoman Cocktail Robot - Developed by Yaskawa Robotics, this robot automates cocktail assembly tasks within its workstation using its robot workers.

Toni's Robot Bartender - Features a mechanical arm that handcrafts cocktails and garnishes based on programmed recipes by its robot employee.

Nino - This robotic bartender assistant collaborates with human bartenders to assemble complex craft cocktails as a supportive robot worker.

The Inebriator - An open-source DIY robotic bartender kit that automates cocktail formulation through its robot worker systems.

Barcheek - Taiwan AI robot that can mix over 10,000 cocktail combinations using prepacked ingredients by its skilled robot employees.

Barobot - Automated cocktail machine with mobile app for controlling drink orders and recipes, employing robot workers for mixology.

Ramona - A "speakeasy robot" with retro design flourishes that crafts cocktails using AI drink formulation by its robotic bartender.


For business owners, the appeal of robot bartenders lies in their consistency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to operate around the clock without breaks as tireless robot workers. No more worrying about staff shortages or human error – these automated mixologists deliver perfectly crafted drinks every time.

As platforms like "JobToRob" (JOBs TO ROBOTs) – the world's first job and resume bank dedicated exclusively to robots – gain traction, we can expect to see more and more robot bartenders actively seeking employment opportunities. With cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, "JobToRob" is poised to streamline the robot recruitment process, connecting robotic candidates with establishments seeking to hire robots as automated bartending solutions.


"JobToRob" ("JOBs TO ROBOTs") - The World's First Job & Resume Bank for Robots / Recruitment Agency for Robots offers:

- Posting Robot CVs/Resumes - https://jobtorob.com/ 

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- Posting Job Vacancies for Robots and Humans - https://jobtorob.com/jobs/1/?s 


But what about the human touch? Proponents of robot bartenders argue that these machines are not meant to completely replace human bartenders. Instead, they can serve as valuable robotic assistants, handling the high-volume, repetitive tasks, while human bartenders focus on creating a memorable experience through personal interactions and customized service.

As the demand for unique and personalized experiences grows, we may even see robot bartenders taking on specialized roles, such as crafting molecular cocktails or executing intricate flair bartending routines – tasks that require precise, unwavering movements beyond human capabilities that these robot workers can provide.

The rise of robot bartenders is just one facet of the broader trend of robotic automation in the hospitality industry. From robotic chefs to automated servers, the integration of robots as new service employees is rapidly gaining momentum, promising to reshape the way we dine and imbibe.

So, whether you're a traditionalist or an early adopter, get ready to raise your glass to the robot bartenders of the future – a new breed of mixologists ready to shake up the industry and redefine the art of cocktail craftsmanship as skilled robot workers.

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