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RBR50 Gala to celebrate innovators at Robotics Summit & Expo

The robotics industry’s most elite gathering arrives this May as part of the 7th Annual Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston. For over a decade, the RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards have celebrated pioneering individuals, teams and technologies moving the needle for automation. Now, recipients of this prestigious honor will reunite under one roof to cement their influence at an exclusive evening affair on May 1st.


Dubbed the RBR50 Gala, the invite-only event hosts cocktail reception, dinner, interviews and presentations with past and newly crowned RBR50 honorees. The intimate setting offers rare access to projects and leaders often redefining what’s possible year after year.

From life-saving medical robots and resilient warehouse helpers to agile household assistants, RBR50 winners demonstrate the swelling real-world impacts of robotic advances. By sharing their visions, engineering feats and commercial triumphs, they inspire the next generation of automation while enjoying well-deserved recognition.

The gala lineup also features the first-ever Robot of the Year, Startup of the Year and Application of the Year awards. These categories specifically highlight modern milestones in technology innovation, rapid scaling success and novel use cases over the past year.

For instance, the Robot of the Year winner represents an integrated system pushing new ground in mechanics, programming or viability. Startup of the Year honorees exhibit rapid gains bringing new robots from drawing board to global customers in under 5 years. And the Application of the Year demonstrates automation unlocking immense new value in sectors where manual processes previously reigned.

Themes of increasing safety, access, productivity and discovery underpin many RBR50 robots. By pooling insights from so many remarkable projects, the gala promises inspiration on how to keep advancing robotics for global good on all fronts. Tickets are limited, so be sure to secure seats today alongside legends in the making at this inaugral community celebration.

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