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Universal Robots announces ReAutomated virtual events

Universal Robots’ ‘ReAutomated’ events will focus on deploying collaborative robots in palletizing, machine tending, and welding applications.

With market demands continuously shifting, boosting productivity presents an ongoing challenge for global businesses across sectors. Automation offers a path to unlock efficiency gains and thrive amid evolving conditions. Industry expertise and insights from implementation leaders can prove decisive for successfully leveraging automation, both for large and small enterprises.

That's why Universal Robots, a leading collaborative robot (cobot) company, is hosting three free virtual conferences in September and October focused on realizing productivity improvements through automation.

Titled "ReAutomated: The Virtual Experience", the events will spotlight automating applications in palletizing, machine tending, and welding. Broadcast live from Universal Robots' global Centers of Excellence, they will provide exclusive access to:

  • Expert talks with industry specialists
  • Customer success stories
  • Live demos of the innovative UR20 cobot
  • Q&A sessions with automation experts

Per Keith Fox, Universal Robots' Global Director of Industry Segments, "If you're a manufacturer wanting to boost productivity and stay competitive, automation is now essential. But many have questions about getting started. Our ReAutomated conferences will provide the latest expertise so companies of any size can unlock efficiency gains through automation."

The virtual events include:

  • Palletizing on September 28th from Barcelona
  • Machine Tending on October 12th from Munich
  • Welding on October 26th from Michigan

Companies worldwide are recognizing automation's indispensable role in navigating market volatility. By showcasing real-world implementation insights from pioneering customers and partners, Universal Robots spotlights executable strategies for automation success amid ever-changing business demands.

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