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Airobotics receives $3.5M purchase order from SkyGo

Airobotics, a subsidiary of Ondas Holdings, announced that it received a multi-system purchase order from Sky Go Transport of Goods worth $3.5 million. The purchase order is conditioned by the completion of proof of concept. 

SkyGo is a UAE-based company with a license to transport goods via air travel with drones throughout Abu Dhabi. SkyGo and Airobotics have signed a term sheet for a joint venture, called the SkyGo JV, that focuses on deploying aerial drone services. 

The SkyGo JV will use the Optimus System to provide data and information services to Industrial and Governmental entities in the UAE. Airobotics’ Urban Drone Infrastructure, part of the Optimus system, is designed to operate as a network of smart drones. 

“Our partnership with Airobotics will enable us to offer a wide range of services to our customers in Abu Dhabi using their Optimus System, an autonomous drone platform with powerful capabilities,” Mohammed Al Dhaheri, SkyGo CEO, said. “Through this partnership, SkyGo will benefit from the technical expertise of the Airobotics team combined with our innovative business model and local knowledge.”

The companies expect to deploy more than 20 systems across Abu Dhabi over the next few years. The partnership between the two companies was developed and advanced by strategic partner DoverTower DMCC, a UAE company that specializes in large-scale tech partnerships in the country and the region.

“We are excited to work with the visionary leadership of SkyGo to deploy valuable drone services to critical infrastructure, logistics and government customers across the city of Abu Dhabi,” Meir Kliner, Airobotics Founder and CEO, said. “The combination of SkyGo’s market and application expertise and Airobotics robust technology platform enables a powerful partnership. We believe the Smart City drone services go-to-market model with SkyGo in Abu Dhabi will be scalable in many markets throughout the world providing a wide variety of smart cities data solutions in urban environments.”

Airobotics expects the initial commercial customer deployment by SkyGo JV to happen in the first quarter of 2023. 

Ondas Holdings recently announced that it plans to accelerate its integration plan for its drone segment, which includes American Robotics, ahead of the close of its acquisition of the company. Ondas planned to close its Airobotics acquisition, announced in July 2022 and valued at $70.6 million, by the end of January 2023. 

Its integration plan for American Robotics and Airobotics includes developing a streamlined product roadmap strategy and customer support plans as well as a reduction of personnel at American Robotics.

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