Research. Age and robots.

Thanks to the titanic work carried out by specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University, researchers were able to establish a pattern between the increase in work experience and the robotization of the country.
According to the scientists who conducted the study, countries in which the age of the respondents being surveyed is approaching 56 years old and above, the level of robotization of the country is increasing. Such countries, for example, are Germany and South Korea. At the same time, by examining the relationship between demographic data and robotization data, experts were able to identify the opposite pattern. Countries with lower levels of robotization have a lower average worker level than those where robots are being introduced more actively. The differences reach 35%, and are established, according to scientists, with an extremely low percentage of error.
This means that the lower the employee retirement threshold, the more likely these countries are to launch aggressive campaigns to automate their businesses.

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