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Warehouse automation trends and RoboBusiness 2023

Despite warehousing representing over $400 billion globally, less than 5% is currently automated. However, complex supply chains and profitability pressures are driving demand for tech-enabled warehouses. RoboBusiness 2023 will explore the future of automation, including a session from GXO Logistics' Rob Thyen on designing warehouses integrating robotics and software.

Thyen will detail technology like automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), robotic arms, goods-to-person robots, and data analytics. He will highlight how GXO strategically implemented these innovations for a consumer electronics customer, optimizing returns operations through increased throughput, accuracy, and profitability.

The warehouse can process 50,000 devices daily, retrieving specific items from 2 million inventory pieces in seconds. This ecosystem exemplifies emerging automated warehousing capabilities.

As Senior Vice President of Sales Solutions, Thyen draws on over 20 years of supply chain and warehouse design experience. His insights will provide a valuable industry perspective on automation adoption.

Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, GXO Logistics operates over 800 tech-enabled warehouses spanning 27 countries. Following its 2021 spinoff from XPO, GXO became the world's largest contract logistics provider.

RoboBusiness 2023 in Santa Clara dives into commercial robotics across speakers, exhibitors, startup competitions, and more. The co-located Field Robotics Engineering Forum focuses on outdoor dynamic robotics, while DeviceTalks West covers medical technology.

By showcasing leaders like Thyen alongside the latest robotics, RoboBusiness offers key insights on optimizing future warehouses. As supply chain complexity persists, automation integration is imperative for safety, efficiency and profit gains.

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