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John Deere in RoboBusiness keynote

Farmers face monumental challenges feeding a growing population with less land, labor and resources. Advanced robotics are essential to help farmers increase limited labor and perform precise, scalable tasks. John Deere's Sarah Schnickel will detail robotics' value at RoboBusiness 2022, and what other industries can learn from agriculture's purposeful use case.

Robotics bring automation to farms, enabling faster tasks with fewer resources. Schnickel's team focuses on next-generation technologies to improve farmer sustainability and profitability. She has over 20 years of experience across software development, systems engineering and management.

RoboBusiness, Oct 18-19 in Santa Clara, is the premier event on commercial robotics. It will feature 60+ speakers, 100+ exhibitors, networking, a startup competition and more. Attendees can view the latest speaker list.

RoboBusiness will be co-located with the Field Robotics Engineering Forum on developing outdoor robots. Also co-located is DeviceTalks West for medical technology professionals. All three events attract broad engineering and business audiences.

In 2022, John Deere introduced its first fully autonomous tractor using computer vision and machine learning. This enables obstacle detection and safe operation without an onboard operator.

Robotics' purposeful use in agriculture highlights lessons for other industries. As global food demand rises amidst resource constraints, robotics and automation will be critical to addressing monumental farming challenges. Schnickel will detail at RoboBusiness how advanced technologies can help farmers improve productivity and sustainability.

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