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Rostec Robotic Firefighting System: Hire Robot Workers for Enhanced Safety at Industrial Facilit

Ruselectronics, a holding company under the Rostec umbrella, has developed an advanced robotic system designed to extinguish fires at industrial facilities, such as ships and drilling platforms. The innovative firefighting complex was showcased at the Army-2021 international military-technical forum, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize safety measures in various industries.

The robotic fire complex consists of a stationary fire robot, an explosion-proof television camera, and a power supply unit, with a total weight of just 18 kg. When a flame is detected, the system transmits the coordinates of the combustion source to the control system, which then automatically directs the fire monitor (water cannon) towards the fire. Additionally, the complex maintains a log of incidents and archives all videos from the camera for future reference.

Integrating the robotic fire complex into existing security systems can also enhance security functions. The system is capable of detecting intruders and preventing their entry into the facility using a jet of water, making it a versatile solution for industrial safety.

Sergei Sakhnenko, General Director of the United Instrument-Making Corporation, the managing company of Ruselectronics, emphasizes the importance of the new technology: "The robotic fire complex that we have developed allows us to automatically detect, recognize, and respond to an emergency situation at an early stage."

By hiring robot workers like the Rostec robotic fire complex, industrial facilities can significantly improve their safety measures and minimize potential risks associated with fires and security breaches. The innovative system offers a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for industries seeking to enhance their safety protocols and protect their valuable assets.

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