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Gita Robot Luggage: Hire Robot Worker for Hands-Free Cargo Transport & Effortless Mobility

Introducing Gita, the first consumer robot designed with pedestrian etiquette in mind. This innovative robot assistant connects with you, follows you using touch and vision, and transports up to 40 pounds of cargo, leaving your hands free for other tasks. The Gita Robot Luggage offers a perfect blend of functionality, convenience, and style.

The robot's unique shape resembles a delivery robot or a container for baby Yoda, combined with a gyro scooter featuring two large wheels. Gita can carry up to 18 kg of weight behind its owner, making it an ideal companion for various activities. Please note that it is not recommended to transport children, animals, or dangerous goods using Gita.

The robot assistant recognizes its owner through a computer vision system. To start using Gita, simply press the pair button so the robot can recognize you. The system will remember you for future use. With 360-degree vision, Gita safely follows you at a distance of 1-1.5 meters, thanks to sensors that monitor you and its surroundings.

When the delivery is complete, click the Pair/Unpair button, followed by the Park/Ready button. After 30 minutes of inactivity, Gita will automatically enter sleep mode to conserve energy. This Rolling Robot Luggage comes equipped with a phone charging port inside, a lockable cover via a mobile app, and a speaker for listening to music from your phone via Bluetooth.

Gita's customizable LED lights can change color, brightness, and pattern, while the wheels indicate driving speed (up to 9.7 km/h) and battery status. The robot operates for up to 4 hours on a single charge, requiring 2 hours to recharge. When the battery falls below certain levels, Gita will alert you through color changes, blinking lights, and error sounds. If the battery reaches 5%, Gita will no longer function, the lights will turn red, and the robot will enter parking mode.

Here are some practical uses for Gita Robot Luggage:

  • Store everything you need for a party in the park and walk there hands-free.
  • Carry a bag with sports uniforms and equipment for a hassle-free trip to the fitness club.
  • Use Gita when traveling to the beach, making it easy to transport an umbrella, blanket, snacks, water, and toys.

Hire a robot worker like Gita and experience the convenience of hands-free cargo transport and effortless mobility. With Gita by your side, you'll wonder how you ever managed without this helpful robot assistant.

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