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Black + Decker Unveils Home Robot Bartender at CES 2022

Dreaming of hiring a robot bartender for your home? Black + Decker introduces the ultimate solution at CES 2022 with its innovative home automatic cocktail bar. Resembling a coffee machine, this robot bartender revolutionizes at-home mixology with its sleek design and cutting-edge functionality.

Equipped with a water tank and capable of holding up to five 750 ml bottles, this automated bartender features five stainless steel tubes to effortlessly dispense the contents of each bottle. The best part? There's no need for custom-made bottles – standard alcohol from the store works perfectly.

Once the drink is prepared, the system undergoes a thorough flush with air and water, ensuring optimal hygiene and cleanliness. Collaborating with Bartesian, Black + Decker offers a wide range of cocktail fillings, allowing users to craft their favorite beverages with ease. Bartesian's extensive selection of additives enhances spirits, providing an array of flavor profiles to suit every palate.

The Bev can be activated in party mode, indicated by flashing bottle lights, perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a nightcap at home. With a price tag of $300, the robot bartender promises to elevate your home entertainment experience. Look out for its release in the spring, bringing the art of mixology directly to your kitchen countertop.

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