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Trombia Free - The World's First Fully Electric and Robotic Street Sweeper

Are you tired of noisy and polluting street sweepers disrupting your daily life in Helsinki's residential areas? Look no further than Trombia Free, the world's first fully electric and robotic street sweeper.

Starting from 19 April, residents of Jätkäsaari, Helsinki can see Trombia Free in action on Vuolimerenkatu and the Baana bicycle path. The autonomous and electric street sweeper will work on weekday evenings from 19 to 27 April, with working hours changing from day to day.

Trombia Free is so quiet that it makes it possible to sweep the streets at night, hindering traffic as little as possible. The pilot project will involve testing the noise level of the sweeping operations, the sweeping efficiency, and the operation, benefits, and limitations of the autonomous street sweeper.

The robot will detect obstacles, such as a pedestrian in its path, and stop. In the city pilot, the robot will always be accompanied by an operator to ensure safety.

Developed in Finland, Trombia Free consumes only 15% of the energy required by conventional brushing vacuum cleaning machines and does not generate emissions in the cleaning situation. Furthermore, the unprecedented street sweeper consumes only a fraction of the amount of water required in conventional cleaning methods.

Hire a robot worker for cleaner streets in Helsinki. Trombia Free is the solution for a more sustainable and efficient way of street cleaning.

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