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Robot Consultant Enhances Highpark Tech Park

Introducing the latest addition to the Highpark high-tech park at the Grozny State Oil Technical University (GGNTU): the robot consultant. Developed by Promobot, this innovative assistant is revolutionizing project implementation for resident companies. Loaded with comprehensive information about all resident businesses and their ongoing projects, the robot consultant is poised to elevate efficiency and convenience within the park.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director of Promobot, shared insights with TASS about the robot's capabilities. "The main duties of the robot consultant include assistance in navigation, answering questions about the infrastructure, and informing about the activities and events of the park," he explained. To fulfill this role effectively, Promobot's engineers collaborated with park representatives to develop a linguistic database containing vital information about resident companies, infrastructure facilities, and upcoming events.

Mansur Arsanukaev, director of "Haypark" GGNTU, emphasized the seamless integration of the robot consultant into the park's vision. "The robot consultant fits well into our concept and allows residents to implement their projects, including utilizing a robot," Arsanukaev affirmed. This synergy between technology and innovation aligns with the core principles of the park, fostering a conducive environment for growth and collaboration.

Founded in 2015, Promobot has established itself as a leader in autonomous service robots, earning residency at Skolkovo from its inception. With a presence spanning over 40 countries, Promobot's robots serve diverse roles as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides, and concierges. As the demand for robotics solutions continues to rise, Promobot remains at the forefront, driving progress and efficiency across various industries.

In an era where automation and innovation reign supreme, the robot consultant at Highpark exemplifies the transformative power of technology. By streamlining operations, providing valuable insights, and enhancing user experiences, Promobot is shaping the future of project management and collaboration. Explore the possibilities with the robot consultant – hire a robot, and unlock the potential for unparalleled productivity and success.

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