Sustainable Furniture with Robotic 3D Printing Technology | SCULPTUR

SCULPTUR, a Swedish company, is revolutionizing the furniture industry with its innovative approach to sustainable furniture production. By using robotic 3D printing technology and recycled materials, SCULPTUR is fulfilling its mission of creating a sustainable environment.

The company's vision is to use new processes and business models for additive manufacturing. With the rapid development of the 3D printing industry, SCULPTUR is at the forefront of this groundbreaking project that uses specially modified ABB robots to turn plastic waste into furniture.

These industrial robots work in a similar way to advanced 3D printers. However, since the robot can inject plastic from any angle, this is unusual compared to traditional 3D printers and can save about 50% of the required basic materials. The printing raw material consists of waste pellets to process this material.

ABB's robot programming is of great importance, so the designers chose ABB RobotStudio's standalone modeling and programming software, creating a complete digital twin, and the newly developed 3D printing add-on that ensures that the typing robot can be programmed in just a few minutes and actually see it working in the work environment along with the operator and the sculpture (Furniture).

ABB's robots in an additive manufacturing project were able to easily, quickly, and efficiently adapt to various manufacturing projects, precisely performing movements to achieve the desired design. This new way to revitalize waste is an example of how large companies can be the driving force behind environmental improvements.

In addition to creating innovative models of furniture, chairs, this is an excellent example of production combined with advanced robotic technologies. More products of higher quality can always be produced due to the flexibility that robotic automation provides.

Join SCULPTUR in its mission to create a sustainable environment by hiring robot workers for eco-friendly furniture production. With SCULPTUR's innovative approach, you can contribute to environmental improvements while also enjoying high-quality, sustainable furniture.

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