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South Korea's Startup Festival Highlights Chicken Cooking Robot

South Korea's bustling startup scene took center stage at the Come Up 2021 conference in Seoul, where 72 innovative projects were showcased over three days. Among the diverse array of startups, one standout stole the spotlight: a robot designed specifically for cooking fried chicken.

The robo Arete Robert Chicken, dubbed the "Chicken roast chicken robot," captured the imagination of attendees with its ability to deep-fry chicken, a beloved snack in Korean cuisine. As the festival's most popular project, the culinary robot aims to streamline the preparation of this traditional dish, with plans to introduce additional functionalities in the future.

In addition to the chicken-cooking robot, Neubility's self-driving courier robot also attracted significant attention. Equipped with cameras and designed for autonomous delivery, the Neubility robot is set to commence operations at a store in southern Seoul by the end of November. Priced at approximately 5 million won ($4,200), this innovative delivery solution heralds a new era of efficiency in the retail sector.

The vibrant atmosphere of the startup festival underscores South Korea's position as a hub of technological innovation, where groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions are continually shaping the future of various industries. As these startups continue to push boundaries and disrupt traditional norms, the nation's entrepreneurial spirit remains stronger than ever.

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