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Ameca Robot: Live Demonstration at CES 2022

Do you remember the Ameca robot? The one that made waves with its incredibly lifelike facial expressions, sparking both excitement and unease among viewers due to its uncanny realism. Well, brace yourself, because there's more to the story.

At the CES 2022 Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Engineered Arts unveiled a fully operational prototype of the Ameca robot from January 3-7. Visitors to the event had the opportunity not only to witness the humanoid robot in action but also to engage in conversations with it. And guess what? Ameca didn't hold back, even cracking witty jokes in response to inquiries about a significant other.

With its captivating presence and interactive capabilities, it's only a matter of time before we see Ameca taking the stage as the headliner in the world's first stand-up comedy show featuring a robot. After all, with its charm and humor, why not?

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