Robot insurance - How about insuring your robotic dog?

Robots can become a new insurance target - robot insurance for the development of property and cyber risk insurance.

So, for example, a robot dog can be insured as the property of individuals or legal entities. If the seller concludes the contract, then he can, together with the robot, offer the buyer a policy - robot insurance, according to which he, as an object, is insured against classical property risks, risks during the warranty period or after it.

If an individual is the insured person, an insurance policy against classical property risks is suitable for him - robot insurance. Prices for such goods are quite substantial (for example, the Chinese robot dog Unitree Go1 costs from 2.7 thousand to 8.5 thousand dollars, CyberDog from Xiaomi - 1.5 thousand dollars). Therefore, a payout from the insurance company will come in handy if the robot breaks down as a result of damage.

It is also promising to insure (robot insurance) the risk of losses for the owners of "robots", which they may incur as a result of unauthorized introduction of a malicious computer program (virus) into their control computer, which can provoke their aggressive behavior, damage to property and the health of others. It is possible to take into account in the insurance contract compensation for damage caused to the property and health of third parties, if such a "robot dog" falls, for example, under the wheels of a passing car, motorcycle or bicycle.

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