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A robot nurse can administer vaccinations by itself.

The main problem of recent times is the queues for vaccinations and revaccinations. A new robot nurse can solve it. Robot nurse can inject himself people without needles.
This robot nurse can speed up the injection process - it is able to give injections completely autonomously.

Would you entrust a robot with such a job?

The robot Cobi device was developed by the Canadian startup Cobionix, a subsidiary of the University of Waterloo. The authors of the development claim that this is the first robot that has ever successfully performed intramuscular injection. The most interesting thing is that he did it without using a hypodermic needle.

The idea is that after preliminary online registration for vaccination, patients come to a clinic or another place where robot Cobi works, and then go through a camera identification process on the device's touch interface. When the patient approaches the device, it detects its presence and determines its position in space using several 3D depth sensors.

Using needleless technology, the vaccine is then injected as a high pressure liquid jet. The jet passes through a hole the width of a human hair and penetrates the skin. It will take about 2 years before the technology reaches the wide market. But after its release, such a robot can significantly affect the labor market among medical workers. It will be more profitable for hospitals to buy such robots, the accuracy of which will not depend on the physical or emotional state, moreover, in a pandemic, one of the main arguments when hiring such a robot for work will be that the machines are absolutely sterile.

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