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Revolutionize Robotic Development with Viam: From Prototype to Production, Simplified

Empower Your Robotic Solutions with Viam: From Prototype to Production

Viam emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of robotic development, offering a comprehensive software tool equipped with cloud services necessary to streamline the entire development lifecycle. Founded by Eliot Horowitz, renowned for his role as the CTO and co-founder of MongoDB, Viam aims to catalyze innovation in diverse industries by breaking down barriers and simplifying the process of working with robotics.

Eliot Horowitz's vision for Viam stems from the recognition of the high time and resource costs associated with robotic development, hindering innovation in sectors ranging from agriculture to healthcare. With Viam, Horowitz seeks to unlock the full potential of robotics by providing a robust software development platform tailored to the demands of real-world applications.

At its core, Viam serves as a standard protocol for programming any robot, offering support at every stage of development, from initial prototyping to full-scale production. The platform's simplicity and flexibility enable roboticists to prototype quickly, leveraging any hardware and programming language with ease. As projects progress towards production, Viam facilitates seamless fleet management and data handling, all within the same integrated platform.

Key Features of Viam:

Data Management: Capture, sync, and manage data in the cloud effortlessly. Viam's intuitive interface allows users to view, sort, delete, or export data seamlessly.

Machine Learning Integration: Harness the power of machine learning by utilizing data from robots to train new models, upload existing ones, and deploy models to robots.

Fleet Management: Efficiently manage groups of robots or devices remotely, ensuring safety through location tracking, grouping, and permissions.

Built-in Robotics Services: Leverage Viam's built-in services such as Motion, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), and Vision (object detection, picture classification, image segmentation) to enhance robotic capabilities.

Viam's Commitment to Open-Source and Flexibility:

Viam adopts an open-source approach, with all components, including the Viam Robot Development Kit (RDK) and Software Development Kits (SDKs), being open source. This commitment to openness allows for greater collaboration and innovation within the robotics community.

Furthermore, Viam embraces modularity, empowering creators to develop custom components or services that seamlessly integrate into the platform. These modular components, once set up, function seamlessly alongside existing resources, enhancing the platform's flexibility and adaptability to diverse use cases.

In addition, Viam is poised to launch a community registry, providing developers with a platform to build, share, and improve components and services collaboratively. This community-driven approach fosters innovation and knowledge sharing within the Viam ecosystem, propelling the advancement of robotic technologies.

In conclusion, Viam stands as a transformative force in the field of robotic development, offering a versatile and user-friendly platform that accelerates innovation, simplifies workflows, and fosters collaboration. With its commitment to openness, flexibility, and continuous improvement, Viam paves the way for the next generation of robotic solutions, poised to revolutionize industries worldwide.

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