Honda China and AutoX Collaborate on Autonomous Driving Research in China

Honda China and AutoX, an autonomous driving startup headquartered in Shenzhen, are collaborating on autonomous driving research in China. The partnership aims to test vehicles on public roads and offer autonomous vehicles to the general public.

Honda offers ACCORD and INSPIRE vehicles that use AutoX AV technology, providing users with a safe and reliable autonomous driving experience. At the end of January 2021, AutoX announced that its Driverless Robotaxi service is available to the general public in Shenzhen, marking a significant milestone in the development of autonomous driving technology.

AutoX is also testing robotic taxis in populous cities such as Shanghai and Wuhan, but still uses safe drivers to ensure the safety of passengers. Users can call an autonomous vehicle through a generic app, which can call both a man-driven taxi and a robotic taxi.

In July 2020, AutoX received a driverless robo taxi permit from the California DMV, becoming the first company in China to receive such a permit. This achievement demonstrates AutoX's commitment to developing safe and reliable autonomous driving technology.

As the demand for autonomous vehicles continues to grow, the collaboration between Honda China and AutoX is an exciting development in the field of autonomous driving. With the use of robot workers in the form of autonomous vehicles, the transportation industry is undergoing a significant transformation.

If you're interested in experiencing the future of transportation, hire a robot taxi today! With the collaboration between Honda China and AutoX, you can enjoy a safe and reliable autonomous driving experience in China.

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