The robot vacuum cleaner that escaped from the hotel became the hero of the Internet.

robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner, which worked in the hotel of the British network Travelodge, fled from work. The hotel turned to social networks for information about the escaped vacuum cleaner, but some users took the side of the fugitive.

The escape was announced by staff at the Travelodge Hotel in Cambridge. The robot vacuum cleaner did not want to stop at the threshold, as other vacuum cleaners do, rolled out of the hotel and left in an unknown direction.

“Our robot vacuum cleaner ran away today. Usually they stop at the door, but this one decided to run,” the assistant manager tweeted, asking residents of the area to return the robot if found. The manager noted that without a charging station, the vacuum cleaner would still not work.

The escape of the vacuum cleaner caused a resonance in social networks. Hotel staff wrote that it “could be anywhere,” and users expressed their support for the bold vacuum cleaner. Some noted that there are no predators in the British ecosystem that could harm it. Someone suggested that the robot would definitely leave the country.

On Friday, the robot was found in the bushes. He left, apparently, not far away, as he was found by a cleaning employee of the hotel.

The robot vacuum cleaner was washed and again accepted into the corporate “family of robotic vacuum cleaners” (as the leaders of the Travelodge account put it).

In social networks, where some have already decided that the vacuum cleaner got a job as a janitor, the news was received with a degree of disappointment, but for many he remained the hero of the Internet, “broke the cage.”

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