Revolutionize Aircraft Washing: Hire Robot Workers for Efficient & Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The aerospace industry is constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. One such advancement is the implementation of robotic aircraft washing systems, which significantly reduce time and labor costs while eliminating manual washing processes. Regular washing is crucial for reducing corrosion, extending the service life of aircraft, and ensuring overall safety.

The benefits of a clean aircraft are numerous, including:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Longer service life of paint
  • Reduced corrosion problems
  • Decreased man-hours
  • Increased aircraft availability
  • Fuel savings due to lower aerodynamic resistance
  • Reduced water consumption and detergent usage

Enter Nordic Dino, a computerized, robotic, and autonomous system specifically designed for cleaning the exterior of aircraft. This innovative solution offers aerial maintenance companies and airlines an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional washing methods.

The Nordic Dino robotic system consists of a mobile power unit, spray nozzles, and rotating cleaning brushes. The lightweight wireless remote control allows one person to operate the power unit and cleaning brushes safely and easily. The system complies with aircraft exterior cleaning requirements and includes safety features to prevent accidental injuries or damage to the aircraft.

Nordic Dino offers three models tailored to different aircraft sizes:

  1. Nordic Dino NB: Designed for narrow-bodied aircraft such as B757 or B767, this model has a washing height of 8.5 meters. It works seamlessly in combination with larger models for wide-body aircraft.
  2. Nordic Dino WB: Specifically designed for washing B777, A330, and B747 aircraft, this model features a three-arm system and can clean the top of B747 aircraft. The washing height is 11 meters.
  3. Nordic Dino XWB: The largest model is designed for washing wide-bodied aircraft like the A380. It boasts a three-arm system with a longer underarm and shorter top arm to reach over larger wing areas. The washing height exceeds 12 meters.

By hiring a robot worker from Nordic Dino, aerospace companies can revolutionize their aircraft washing processes. The robotic systems offer significant time and cost savings, reduced manual labor, enhanced safety, and eco-friendly cleaning. Embrace the future of aircraft maintenance and hire a robot today!

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