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TrailerConnect: Robotic Truck Systems

Outrider introduces TrailerConnect, a game-changing innovation in the realm of distribution logistics, offering a revolutionary solution to automate the attachment of braking and electrical systems to trucks and trailers. This patented technology, developed after four years of meticulous research and collaboration with industry leaders, marks a significant leap forward in efficiency, safety, and sustainability within distribution warehouses worldwide.

Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of Outrider, highlights the transformative potential of TrailerConnect in modernizing distribution operations: "TrailerConnect represents a pivotal advancement in our mission to reinvent distribution warehouses for enhanced efficiency and sustainability. By automating a task performed billions of times annually, we are driving the autonomous movement of goods into the future."

At the core of TrailerConnect's functionality lies deep learning technology, coupled with state-of-the-art hardware and sensors integrated into manipulators from Yaskawa Motoman. This sophisticated system enables TrailerConnect to seamlessly identify, hitch, and uncouple trailers without requiring additional modifications, overcoming the challenges posed by diverse trailer configurations.

Matt Johannes, Vice President of Hardware Development and Robotics at Outrider, emphasizes the importance of innovation in addressing industry challenges: "Recognizing the impracticality of modifying entire trailer fleets, we assembled a team of experts in robotics, perception, and deep learning to develop a solution that ensures safer and more efficient operations in distribution centers."

TrailerConnect represents the latest milestone in Outrider's journey of innovation, building upon previous achievements such as fully autonomous trailer movement systems and high-precision articulated reverse gears. With tens of thousands of successful autonomous trailer movements already conducted at Fortune 500 customer facilities and the Advanced Testing facility in Brighton, Colorado, Outrider continues to lead the charge in advancing autonomous logistics technology.

Supported by prominent investors including NEA, 8VC, and Koch Disruptive Technologies, Outrider has secured $118 million in funding to date and boasts extensive intellectual property. As the industry evolves, TrailerConnect stands as a testament to Outrider's commitment to driving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in distribution logistics, ushering in a new era of autonomous truck operations.

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