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Accelerate Your Business with ZEVX's EV Energy Solutions

In a landmark move, Zevx, headquartered in Gilbert, AZ, has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of EV energy system supply, securing a substantial $20M+ investment in the initial phase of a funding round. Spearheaded by Reynolds Capital, this strategic infusion of capital signals a pivotal moment for ZEVX, propelling it towards new heights of growth and innovation.

With a visionary leadership team at the helm, ZEVX is poised for transformative change. Don Listwin assumes the mantle of CEO, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic insight to steer the company towards unprecedented success. Accompanying him is Kevin J. Kennedy, appointed as Chairman and independent Board member, alongside David L. Shimek and Sidney Haider from The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, bolstering the company's leadership with their invaluable expertise.

The infusion of funds will catalyze ZEVX's expansion initiatives, driving accelerated growth across key operational areas and expanding its business footprint. At the core of ZEVX's mission lies a commitment to delivering intelligent EV systems tailored to power commercial vehicles ranging from class 2 to 6. From power takeoff mechanisms to reefer refrigeration solutions and EV infrastructure like charging stations, ZEVX offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to propel industrial fleets towards a zero-carbon future.

Under the stewardship of CEO Don Listwin, ZEVX is charting a bold course towards sustainability and innovation. With a diverse portfolio of battery electric powertrain and energy system products, ZEVX is pioneering the transition to zero-emission transportation, revolutionizing the landscape of commercial fleet operations.

Notably, Carolyn Maury, co-founder and former CEO of ZEVX, assumes dual roles as CFO and CAO, bringing her expertise to bear on the company's financial and operational strategies. With a seasoned leadership team driving its vision forward, ZEVX is poised to redefine the future of EV energy systems and drive sustainable progress in the automotive industry.

As ZEVX embarks on this transformative journey, fueled by innovation and driven by a commitment to excellence, the company stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. With a steadfast focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions and pioneering advancements in sustainable transportation, ZEVX is primed to shape the future of mobility and accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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