Perseverance Robotic Rover: A Revolutionary Innovation in Mars Exploration

The Perseverance robotic rover is an iconic and innovative piece of equipment that will contribute to the search for life on Mars and a more detailed study of its surface. As part of NASA's Mars 2020 mission, the robotic rover will be the first to collect samples from Mars, which will eventually be sent to Earth. The rover will also provide advanced high-definition stereoscopic video using new zoom-capable cameras.

Motiv Space Systems had the honor and excitement of partnering with NASA and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to design and build the robotic arm for the Perseverance rover. The arm stretches over 2 meters long using five finely tuned joints and boasts a science payload capacity of over 45 kilograms. The arm will deploy instrumentation designed for forensic inspection of a past life and time on Mars.

In addition, Motiv developed a revolutionary 6-Degree-of-Freedom force torque sensor as part of the robotic arm for NASA JPL's Mars 2020 Mission. This sensor works over a wide temperature range and behaves in a linear manner with very high structural safety margins.

Motiv also had the pleasure of partnering with Malin Space Science Systems on the development of several camera elements for the Perseverance rover. These camera elements will be key to the success of the mission and will provide unprecedented views of the Martian surface.

The Perseverance robotic rover is a testament to the power of advanced technology and the potential of robot workers in space exploration. With its cutting-edge robotic arm, force torque sensor, and camera elements, the rover is sure to make groundbreaking discoveries on Mars.

If you're interested in hiring a robot worker for your own Mars exploration mission, look no further than the Perseverance robotic rover. With its advanced technology and innovative design, it's the perfect tool for exploring the Red Planet and unlocking its secrets.

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