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Yamaha Motor Establishes Robotics Solutions Company in Singapore

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the establishment of a new company in Singapore, targeting the growing demand for robots in Southeast Asia and India.

With a focus on surface-mounted and industrial robots, Yamaha Motor plans to engage in manufacturer-driven cross-selling to secure new clients in the region. The company aims to provide top-notch after-sales services adhering to global standards while strengthening its distributor support system and expanding the network.

The newly formed entity, Yamaha Robotics Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd., completed its registration on January 13, 2023. Set to commence operations in July this year, the company will gear up its office infrastructure and equipment.

Yamaha Motor's strategic move aims to capture major global accounts and clients relocating production to Southeast Asia and India. By positioning itself in Singapore, at the crossroads of clients, distributors, and competitor headquarters, Yamaha anticipates enhanced market penetration.

The robotics sector is a key focus area in Yamaha's Medium-Term Management Plan, aligning with the Yamaha One-Stop Smart Solution concept. The company plans to deliver comprehensive solutions promptly to foster further business growth.

Yamaha Robotics Solutions Asia will specialize in the sales and after-sales services of surface mounters and industrial robots across Southeast Asia and India. With this initiative, Yamaha Motor strides forward in its mission to meet the evolving needs of the robotics market.

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