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Robotics: New Oil

As our world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, a quiet revolution is taking place that promises to have a significant impact on our future: the development of robotics and artificial intelligence. Like the Industrial Revolution before it promoted economic growth through increased productivity, robotics has the potential to usher in a new era of innovation, efficiency and prosperity that can transform society as we know it.


There are obvious parallels with the introduction of oil as the main economic factor. Robotics and artificial intelligence have become the new "oil" for the technology sector and are likely to fuel the global economy for decades to come with incalculable ripple effects across all industries. Robots are already starting to perform more complex tasks, from lifting weights on production lines to helping doctors perform precise operations. We are only seeing the beginning of how intelligent machines will transform the industry and increase safety, productivity and access to more affordable goods and services.

As robotics becomes more complex, its application will only expand. Driverless vehicles can revolutionize transportation and logistics while improving passenger safety and comfort. Commercial drones can soon deliver consumer goods, reducing costs and travel time. Humanoid robots are likely to become commonplace in healthcare, education, manufacturing, agriculture, and more. The list goes on.

From cancer treatment to combating climate change, robotics will play an important role in solving some of society's greatest challenges, while contributing to the creation of jobs that can completely overshadow losses in outdated positions.

Some fear that smarter machines will put people at risk. However, the truth is that AI is us. These tools reflect human ingenuity and values by design. The ultimate direction of any shared intelligence we create remains in our hands and will require collective responsibility. Moving forward, society will need to ensure that intelligent systems remain secure, unbiased, and consistent with the common public good as they become increasingly autonomous. But with proper and thoughtful development, robotics and artificial intelligence will contribute to progress on a scale that even the first industrialists could never have dreamed of.

The future is full of unknowns, but progress based on technologies such as robotics seems guaranteed. We are on the threshold of a new wave of prosperity, when people and machines work hand in hand to advance civilization. Like oil before it, robotics promises to move society forward to an exciting chapter full of possibilities. Where this journey takes us depends on ourselves and on the choices we make today. But the potential is limitless if we have the courage and wisdom to take advantage of it.

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