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6 reasons robotics startups must attend RoboBusiness according to Steve Crowe

Steve Crowe, Editorial Director of the Robotics Department at WTWH Media and Co-chairman of the Robotics Summit & Expo, talks about the reasons for young startups to attend the RoboBusiness robotics conference.

Robotics startups seeking to disrupt established players and tap into burgeoning new markets have an golden opportunity at the upcoming RoboBusiness conference in Boston. The two-day industry showcase, hosted by the Robotics Business Review, connects young companies with funding sources, partners, and clients critical to scaling up operations.

For founders looking to take their robot ventures to the next level, RoboBusiness offers unparalleled access and exposure. The conference kicks off with an immersive bootcamp covering all aspects of building a successful robotics startup. Legal, finance, marketing, design, manufacturing, and other critical bases get covered by experts with real-world experience.

Networking with active investors represents another huge draw. The conference gathers top VCs hunting for the next big thing in robotics, from industrial automation to consumer robots and medical devices. Attendees gain invaluable face-time with these deal-makers along with tactics on perfecting their pitch.

Some of the world's leading robotics innovation hubs will also share insights on accelerating startups. Silicon Valley Robotics, MassRobotics, and the Pittsburgh Robotics Network have helped launch hundreds of companies, and startup founders can learn directly from their playbook.

With over 60 exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge enabling technologies, entrepreneurs can get hands-on with the latest components to incorporate into their robots. From machine vision and AI to actuators and cloud robotics platforms, the showroom floor provides startup founders with the tools to turn ideas into reality.

Networking remains the number one reason to attend RoboBusiness. Nowhere else do over 1,000 robotics professionals and newcomers converge to share their passion. Startups have the stage they need to spread the word and make the connections that can fuel rapid growth.

The conference concludes with the highlight Pitchfire startup competition. Previous participants have landed major investors and forged key partnerships as a result of this opportunity. For promising robotics startups, RoboBusiness represents the perfect launching point.

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