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Robotics Summit: how to manage robot autonomy with behavior trees

Managing increasingly complex robot behavior requires structured software abstractions. Behavior trees have been gaining traction as a robust autonomy framework blending the strengths ofprevailing options like finite-state machines. The 2024 Robotics Summit in Boston will incorporate an insightful session illuminating behavior tree capabilities for real-world robotics applications.



On May 1st, robotics experts from PickNik Robotics and The AI Institute will provide a 101 crash course on implementing behavior trees. Attendees will learn key concepts, contrasts with other methods, available tools and lessons from large-scale deployments across sectors like manufacturing, healthcare and consumer robots.


Behavior trees offer intuitive graphical modeling of hierarchical, reusable robot tasks. They enable dynamic transitions between activities and can incorporate sensors to handle uncertainties. Lead speaker Sebastian Castro applies these techniques for robotic manipulation via the popular MoveIt Studio for ROS.


Overall, the Robotics Summit stands out as a flagship industry event with 75+ speakers and a projected 5000+ R&D attendees. The agenda straddles cutting-edge technologies alongside adoption challenges across service robots, exoskeletons, drones and more. High-profile keynotes include pioneers like Agility Robotics, Amazon Robotics, Teradyne and Disney.


Alongside 200+ exhibitors and dedicated networking events, a new invite-only RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards Gala will recognize achievements across robotics. Early bird registration is open, offering savings for participants looking to expand robotics skillsets with the latest techniques like behavior trees that promise to unlock robot potential across dynamic real-world settings.

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