Robots at the Winter Olympics: robot torchbearer, robot waiter, robot bartender.

Robots at the Winter Olympics in China

Even before the official start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China began to surprise guests with its technology. In the Olympic village and the media center, people are served by robots – they bring food, pour drinks and treat them to ice cream. In Russia, developments in the field of robotics are also underway.

Robot torchbearer and electronic waiter. What surprised China at the Olympics.
The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing have not officially started yet, but the Celestial Empire has already managed to surprise everyone. The Chinese have found a painless way to limit social contacts during a pandemic and have involved robots.

In the Olympic Village, food is delivered to the athletes by robotic waiters. But high technology is not without curiosities. The delivery robot brought dinner to Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, but did not give her all the food. The girl had to call him again to pick up the remaining dishes.

In the media center of the Olympic Games, a robot bartender pours drinks for journalists. It only takes 90 seconds to prepare one cocktail. A robot ice cream maker was also installed in the media center.

Robots were involved not only in the service sector. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, a transforming robot carried the torch with the Olympic flame underwater.

China ahead of everyone?
A demonstration of the achievements of robotics may suggest that China has advanced in this area further than other countries. However, not all so simple. KIKI RoboLab CEO Vladimir Venerov told 360 that many countries have enough examples of experimental and commercially successful developments. But unlike them, China did not advertise its developments for the domestic market for a long time.

China is a rather closed country. Now there will be a lot of interesting things. Robotics services and technologies are actively developing in the domestic market

Vladimir Venerov.

In addition to China, Japan is actively developing robotics, both in the industrial and social spheres. According to Venerov, the United States and Russia are not far behind.

However, developing this area is not so easy. According to Denis Kuskov, CEO of the information and analytical agency TelecomDaily, for the development of robotics, you need to have your own production and large investments.

“So far, I think that it is not so simple. We see that the Yandex robot delivers food, but these are highly specialized things. At the moment, the use of a robot is more of a use in industries where there is a danger to humans and higher accuracy is needed, ”said a company representative.

In Russia, there are several interesting and promising developments in the field of robotics. Venerov drew attention to unmanned projects and drones, as well as developments in the field of agriculture. Companies are experimenting with robots that communicate with humans.

“Assistant robots appear in MFCs, in shopping centers, there are examples of robotic coffee houses, restaurants in one form or another,” Venerov said.

Robots will gradually become part of our lives. Venerov recalled that 20 years ago, not all people had mobile phones, but now we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones. But you should not be afraid of replacing people with machines. The process of introducing technologies is not fast, and some of the workers will be able to adapt or retrain.

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